7.92 * 64 Sniper

Brass case, tombac bullet
Hstp : * 7 50 “clover”

Is it scarce, very scarce or very very scarce ???
(Best to give me a value in dollars).

I got the only one I’ve ever seen in a Bickel auction 2 years ago. I think I paid just under $100 USD for it.

Then you made a good deal. Over here they go for about 200 Euro now. Had only 2 so far.

thanks !


They are a very scarce, interesting round. I have seen very little information on it.

This be Czechoslovak cartridge. In the year 1949 him engineered Otakar Gal

Thank you, Vit. Was this rifle and cartridge combination ever issued, or was it just an experiment?


Only experimental.