7.92 ap tip colour

I would like to re-colour the tips of some AP rounds of pre 1945 German origin, just to make a couple look good when viewed.
My Question is was the black tip shiny [gloss] or dull when new as all rounds I have are as shown in picture, you can see they were black, but that’s about all, as not enough definition left.

Actually they are AP-tracers. I guess you can say the tip is shiny on most rounds. Some are dull and some are extremly light. They are not painted by the way. They were done by a chemical darkening process. Do you have Birchwood Case Gun finishing products in Australia? They make a Brass Black Metal Finish that would closely duplicate the original tips.
(the scan shows the original tip)

Thank you, That’s what I needed to know. and yes we do have Birchwood Casey products here! Terry.