7,92 blanks

I have a few blanks which I was hoping to put in my collection but have a dilemma. It is this, I only wish to collect blanks that were made as blanks and not ball or other loadings which have been made into blanks. The more I look at them the harder it is to pick which ones go into the collection. Dutch used to have a great site which I used so often, but now I am at a bit of a loss. If anyone knows of a site like it please let me know. I have posted a few pics with what I think they might be, if I am off the mark please tell me!..thanks…


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Cartridge #1 is not made from a new case but after WW2 the bullets from life rounds were pulled and reloaded as blanks.

Pic. #2 is a blank 33 with a primer 30/40.
This cartridge (head stamp) is not known as a factory made blank in 1938.
I think is was made later from leftover cases, after 1940

Pic. #3 Blank 33 made from leftover cases from SmK production.

Pic. # 4 is a nice one. thIs cartridge is made as a blank 33 with a primer 30 black. This lot was unknown until now.

Pic. # 5 you are correct.

Pic. # 6 could be, but the wooden bullet doesn’t look like a WW1 to me. Compare it with your Pic. 5. It could be it was loaded as a blank 33 after WW1