7.92 books

I would like to know if there is a reference book for non German 7.92x57 headstamps. Or if anyone has a link to a good site…thanks…paul.


Try this link:

Look on the left and see under:
:.Fuego Central / CF >8mm


thanks for the info, yes its a good site, I was looking for some of the Egyptian and other Arabic rounds…paul

This is also not bad:
amazon.com/7-9x57-Mauser-Amm … 1479345237

If the Link is down: 7.9x57 Mauser Ammunition for The Collector - Volume I: German WWII - 2nd Edition

Paul, I know its not really a ‘book’ but I’d suggest this forum is as good a reference as you’re going to find. There is a vast amount of information going back over many years which has been deliberated and fine-tuned by the world’s experts here - you’ve just got to figure out how to find it. And its free!

Jim …like the FREE bit! I thought there might be a check list somewhere, For a tick box collector its bliss to have something to work to! … paul

Hi Manuel…thanks for the link, i have that book and the one by Kent, I was hoping to find some thing for Non German headstamps. …paul.

Chinese Ammunition, 1870 to Present Day by Ken Elks has a chapter on Chinese made and contractor made 7.92mm ammunition. This book is still available: $60.00 plus $5.75 postage here in the US. For Canada the price is $60.00 plus $20.55 postage (in US funds). For other than the US or Canada, please contact Ken at: sp@elks98.wanadoo. co.uk Please make your funds payable to: Pete deCoux, 14940 N. Brenda Rd., Prescott AZ 86305-5619 [504]

7.92 x 57mm BESA, Britain by Tony Edwards, free online: sites.google.com/site/britmilammo/7-92mm-besa

As Jim pointed out above search the IAA forum as there are many posts on the subject, here is a recent post that may help in using the search function: viewtopic.php?f=8&t=16092

Some examples of IAA forum discussions:

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So as you can see there is information out there but you have to search / dig for it and filter out the bad from the good info!