7.92 box translation

Translation to English please.
Bob R.

Hmmm…it’s all Polish to me!

The top box reads approximately to say:

Z. A. “Pocisk” S.A. (Zaklady Amunicyjne, Pocisk, Spolka Akcyjna - Roughly, Corporation for the manufacture of ammunition).

7.9mm Naboj “S” do KBK (7.9mm Cartridge type S for short rifles (carbines)

Partija 16 (Group 16 - this probably means "Lot Number 16, “Partija” is “Group” or “Party” in my dictionary)

Data Elaboracji 24 Mai 1935 (Date manufactured 24 May 1935).

I will give the otherone a try in a little bit. I don’t do Polish well.

John Moss

On your second box, there are a few abbreviations that I cannot translate. I can give you the basics of the label, though.

Panstw. Wytw. Uzbroj. Fabryka Amunicji (Panstwowa Wytwornia Uzbrojenia, Fabryka Amunicji - Basically it means the National Armaments Ammunition Factory. It is often abbreviated just P.W.U.).

15 Nabojow Kal 7.92MM wz SC (15 cartridges caliber 7.92mm model “SC” (the equivalent of the German type s.S. heavy ball).

Do KM Partji No. 110/33. Lot Number 110/33. I don’t know what the KM means.

Like on the other, this is the date of manufacture in August 1933. There are some initials there I don’t understand, either.

Sorry I can’t be more exacting, but that is the best I can do. Hopefully, we’ll get a best trnalation from someone more conversant with Polish than am I.

John Moss


According to Dan Kent “do KM” is “do Karabinu Maszynowego” or