7.92 Bullet ID Request - P.m.k? Solved

Hi guys - I’m hoping to get some advice on this (what I believe to be a) DWM Lübeck P.m.k. round.
Brass case, headstamp is P413 S* 7 40. It was purchased as a suspect looking B-patrone but does have a black primer annulus - Any info would be appreciated! Thanks, Joe

Hello Jrizos06-Joe, welcome to this Forum. Phosphor mit Kern? DWM Lübeck (P413) did not make that type in lot 7 of 1940. As the cartridge has a black annulus, it must be a B-Patrone.

Thanks for the quick reply! Appreciate the welcome as well. I’ll take your word as the confirmation- It’s rather interesting that there’s the lack of chemical blackening or chrome plated tip signifying a B-Patrone-

You should weigh if you can. PmK is 23,45 gram, B is 24,3 gram.

Thanks for the response - On a digital scale I get 24.42g Guess that confirms it - Thanks for all your help! Purely out of curiosity, any idea as to the loss of chemical darkening seen on the GMCS bullet?

Joe, welcome.

You did the right thing asking first.
If you had used a kinetic hammer to get the bullet out, you could be serious injured.


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on the picture with the round in the “paper school”
the round look like “washed” with acidic product or these products remove easily the black part of the bullet

Ammogun - That makes sense - the patina is definitely different from a standard brass 7.92. And thanks for the very good advice dutch (I saw the damage a B-Patrone round did to a kinetic puller in this forum’s pages). I do use a collet puller for removing bullets, just wanted to make sure it was in the right spot in my meager collection without damaging the factory crimp - Joe