7.92 ?Canadian?


This arrived in the post today I was told it is Canadian, but doing a search through the site I can’t see any similar headstamps…Can anyone help? Also once I get a chance i’ll pull the bullet, but is the black tip a tracer?


Italian, best known as a contract for Egypt.


Many thanks, just found this:

worldwar.it/sito/munizioni/i … r-italiane


There is a note on the Italian Website the provided link takes you to. They state they are not sure of the actual color of the AP round’s primer seal.

I have this headstamp in Ball, Tracer (red tip) and AP (black tip). All have a green annulus.

The BPD produced ammo dated 1953 for Egypt used a different color scheme:
Ball – purple annulus
Tracer – red bullet tip and red annulus
AP – green bullet tip and green annulus


Interesting Label data re: date of Loading and manufacturer ID.

SIPE Societa Italiana Polveri ed Esplosivi…an organisation holding company owning ( on behalf of the Government’s Nationalization Bureau) all the Cartridge and Powder makers which were about to “fail” in the early 1950s…Note that Fiocchi managed to avoid this take-over, because of its large “Civilian” Market overseas and within Italy ( and it was not a “Public” corporation.)

BY 1956 (November) Nasser was in the end of the Suez Canal Crisis
( Sept-October 1956, I remember, being on the last Passenger Liner going south thru the Suez canal before they blockaded it. MY first view of the British Mediterranean Fleet, and the Equivalent US Fleet ( 7th?) holding off the Mediterranean coast of Egypt the day before we entered Port Said to begin the canal journey. For a seven year old, it was pure fantasy.

SO no wonder, the headstamp is “Anonymous”…Nasser’s Egypt was definitely “persona non grata” with the British, French and Israelis.

Of course, Italy always had a mind to “Take the mickey” out of France and Britain, at any opportunity ( an old story, which goes back to WWI Versailles Conference) so It does not surprise me a bit that Italian companies actively supplied Egyptian firms with “clean” ammo.

The one give-away is that the cartons are the same ones used for Bulk packs of loose 6,5mm ammo ( extra card dividers) which one finds used for packing Surplus 6,5 Carcano cartridges for Milsurp sales in the early 1960s. And of course the “SIPE” marking.

Nice packet.
Doc AV
AV Ballistics.


DocAV – Thanks a lot for that very interesting information. I could never come up with anything sensible that SIPE might stand for.


many thanks again as usual knowledge on this site is 1st class!