7.92 cases


I have the chance to buy some 7.92 Mauser cartridges with some of the following h/s
DM S67 7 16
H S67 12 16
S S67 5 16
SB S67 6 17
My question is that they are copper washed steel cases, didn’t the steel case come out in WW2? Or am I misunderstanding the date codes?


Steel 7.9 x 57 cases were widely used in WWI. However, are you sure these are all steel cases.
“S67” should indicate that the cases are brass.


Carolyn - As John says, the S67 in the headstamps indicates the cases are made of brass with a 67% copper content. The WWI copper washed steel cases have an E with the year (E16, E17, E18) or SE in the headstamp.

There are cases that are marked with the wrong material indicator but I just looked at Dutch’s headstamp listing and none of those you mentioned are reported as steel.


Thank you, I got in touch with the person selling the cartridges and he put them under the wrong column. The steel case rounds that he has all have SE in the h/s. At least I know now that steel cases were made during WW1