7,92 dummy?

I bought the clip as 7,92 but cant find it in the books I have, so my question is , Who made it, What age, and are they on the right clip, They are made in two parts the head is inserted into a sleeve and held in place with a pin. There are no marks on the bullet or the clip. Thanks…paul.

They look to me as made by Huck Nürnberg


I believe these dummies are West German and were made during the period 1957 - 1960 by a company called H.Huck.
Their designation is 7.9mm Ex-patr DM10.
The clips…no idea.

thanks guys, was the West German army still using the Mauser in 1957-60? or are they for export.

The Clip looks Czech to me, ( common on export 7,9 of the late 40s and early 50s)

And as for use of the Kar98k, the Bundesheer still has them for Ceremonial Parades and Funerals. ( 2014)

In the 1950s, Basic training was done with Kar98ks, they then transitioned to Garands, and finally the G1 (FAL) and the G3 (H&K).

Doc AV

Similar nickeled clips are common in Italy as sold by gun shops specialized in military rifles, but I have no idea who did them since all the clips I have seen bear no marks

It is correct that “Wachbataillon” for ceremonial purposes uses K98k still today, which at some point got the logistic designation Gewehr G21.

If have so far not seen K98k in use by early Bundeswehr troops. As far as I know, Bundeswehr exclusively started with U.S. small arms and machine guns: M1911A1, Rifle M1, Carbine M1, M1919A6 etc. Wachbataillon originally had M1 Carbines, as can be seen on old photos. In addition, Luftwaffe in the early years used No. 4 Enfields (Gewehr G31).

German postwar 7.9 ammunition manufacture was for the border police (Bundesgrenzschutz, today Bundespolizei), which originally had K98k. In my view the drill cartridges, if postwar German, were for the police, not the military.

I was very surprised by the publication of a “Technische Dienstvorschrift” (TDv, technical manual) for Gewehr G21 quite recently (2013, I think). I have not seen a copy and wonder whether it describes the K98k, or Bundeswehr got confused (again, as happened with calibres .50 and .300 Win Mag) over its own designation system.

This is the front cover of the manual for the post-1945 use of the k98 rifle by the German border-police;

this is the title page;

The unmarked nickle plated charger looks like this one, probably made by FN for the Argentine FN49 self-loading rifle;


There are at least four variations of the Huck dummy in 7.9 x 57 Mauser caliber. It also exists in 7.62 NATO and .45 Auto. I don’t recall if there is a .30-06 or not. Oh yes, it was also made in .30 Carbine. I always hear rumors it was made in 9 mm Para as well, but no one has ever shown me one, and Huck had some different pattern rounds for that caliber.

In the U.S. I would say the 7.9 x 57 variants were the most common.

Edited to correct my confusion between two different makers. It seems that sometimes the typing fingers work independently of the brain! Sorry about that.

yes, there is, I have two variations


More information about Huck dummies:

And blanks:
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Huck also designed blank barrels for the MG 42 machine gun and the Astra 600 pistol, and also a blank firing muzzle attachment for the Beretta Mod. 38 A submachine gun.

The “Bundesgrenzschutz” (Border-Guards) today the Federal Police also used the MG42 in 7.92x57 back then.

Huck also made these dummies up to including 12.7x99.
Besides this type they at least made experimental plastic dummies like those the Wehrmacht used. Means a steel base with a plastic body (red or translucent), the ones known are in 12.7x99.

Since the clip spring is of the waisted or contoured type it seems to me to suggest pre-1939 manufacture. Jack

The clip looks like the ones used by the danish military from approx. 1948 to mid 80’ies where they changed to new ones in the exact same shape but these were chemically blackened.
I have a sealed emergency set for the home guard consisting of 6 clips and a bandoleer. It was meant for the issued emergency ammunition until you got to the assembly point and was issued with war ammo.