7,92 Ex manufacturer

I was browsing on „internet market” (like ebay) and found an interesting headstamp on IWW 7,92 Exerzierpatrone. The same symbol I have found on my german M.1895 uniform button. Any ideas?


Nice head stamp.

It is AEG, Berlin.


Do we have a name to go with the maker “AEG” of Berlin. I was looking at my own lists, and find always only the initials “AEG” and city name.

John Moss

Oh, right. I knew that I saw it somewhere… Thanks a lot~!

Do you mean “Allgemeine Elektricitäts-Gesellschaft”?

Additional information.


DerkJan - Thanks for posting that. Documentation doesn’t get much better that having a document that has not only the name and brief history of the company, but also a picture of the trademark, so close in design and content to the simplified headstamp version on the 7.9 ex.Patr. as to be unmistakably the same.

Great info.