7.92 Ex


Just sold on a auction.A german Ex cartridges brass and blacked .Headstamp is DWM. Has anyone seen this Ex before without any grooves.



451 - I have 172 German pre-1946 7.9 x 57 dummy cartridges in my collection, and admittedly, I have never seen this type. The headstamp photo cannot be read. Can you type the exact headstamp for us? DWM used several different styles on dummy rounds. Please mention if they are old style letters with serifs, or newer style letters without serifs.


This is the best I can do.



“DWM K” is not the most common headstamp for an “Ezerzierpatrone,” but it is not rare. I am almost tempted to say that this is a dummy round that missed the fluting process and got by inspectors, but that doesn’t seem likely. I have this DWM headstamp with new style letters on a fluted dummy. Interesting round, despite its condition.


It seems that this cartridge is chemical blacked the same as the WWI dummy with fluting case. Headstamp HN S 7 16 Maby the inspectors had a coffee break.