7.92 German Question

I have a steel cased 7.92 with the headstamp P XM1 16 40 it has a 10mm Black Tip and a Green stripe on the base and a all Black primer, in Kents book on page 51 it is identified as a, “Aluminum cored practice Tracer” , and at the bottom of page 52 a round with the headstamp, P XM1 46 40 is shown with a Blackened Primer cup, my question is what does a Blackened primer cup indicate, was it just another identifier for this particular round or for another purpose. thanks Randy

On page 130 of Kent’s book is says that the blackened brass primer cup is the Type 30/40, a modified type 30 composition, found most frequently on blank and training ammunition dated 1940-1942.


The Primer 30 Schwarz is the modified Primer 30.
The difference is; the primer 30 is copper plated. Later they used a black lacquer.
In 1940 they introduced the primer 30/40 a zinc plated primer.

The case has nothing to do with the cartridge loaded. For example your case P Xm1 16 40

Code for the company who made the case,
P = Polte Magdeburg

Code for the Steel plant who made the iron for the case.
X = Kl

So Kent is in error that the blackened cup primer is a 30/40?


[quote=“AKMS”]So Kent is in error that the blackened cup primer is a 30/40?



Dutch: The 30/40 is zinc-plated steel rather than zinc-plated brass is it not? JG

It is said that a picture is worth a thousand words. If so, here are 4,000 words about German 7.9mm primers (Zdh. = Z