7.92 id

Can anyone tell me anything about these? Not my ammo.

It has this Scandinavian look. What does it say on the headstamp?

it ssems british wartime ammo, with various headstamps, as I can see on the Picture…(at least one with R Broad Arrow L, and the others K and a letter)

As per the box and the applied designation M45E it should be Danish.
That would also fit British ammo since the Danes used a country identifyer for foreign made ammo.
E (Engelsk) = UK
T (Tysk) = Germany
S (Svensk) = Sweden
Also maybe others but I do not remember them all.
And please excuse my likely incorrect spelling in Danish.

Sure our experts on Danish ammo will set it all straight.

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As EOD says, it is a danish box with British 7.92 cartridges for the besa MG. I can’t read the headstamp, but I guess it is british.

an enlarged Portion of the pic and tranfered to B/w:

Sorry, in the original photo you could see the HS, didn’t think to re check. But yes it is a English HS .

Is it just the lighting in the picture or have the extractor grooves been reworked?

Better pic of HS.

One from Royal Laboratory and the remainder from Kynoch (Kidderminster factory).

Most likely they were made for the 8mm Besa Machine guns

Sherryl, when made originally in the UK then sure for the BESA.
The Danes could have used these in left behind German weapons too.

Thank you all for the anwsers.