7.92 id

Recently I got these 7.92×57mm,the headstamp is pretty similar to the FN mfr for China contract.Are these also made in Belgium?

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Interesting, I cannot find the 12 point star over 34 headstamp listed in Chinese Ammunition by Ken Elks.

Not an answer, but some background information:

On page 81 of Elk’s book it is stated the 1933 FN contract with China was for a sS heavy ball loading. The bullet shown in the photo above is not a sS heavy ball.

Kynoch (Britain) during the 1930s also had contracts with China for sS heavy ball loadings and depending on the year the headstamp on these cartridges also used the 12 point star at the 12:00 position in the headstamp. This star is noticeably different (smaller center or smaller star) than the FN 12 point star.


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Thun Swirzerland also used the
12 point Sun (not star)
on 13x92SR (T18) cartridges it made for the KMT…could this7.9
Be made for China by Thun?
Doc AV

Interesting,first time heard that thun have also used 12 point Sun.Do you got any further information about it?

Yes, interesting.

FN made the 13mm for China and the headstamp has the 12 point star (sun) but no info about Switzerland.

The 12 point “star” designation comes from the Kynoch 1933 contract drawing for 7.92 ammunition.


As the star is a national emblem I think it must not be attributed to ID a foreign manufacturer.
There is also German 37x265B cases with this symbol.

The 12 point Sunburst in the Nationalist Chinese flag and Gov’t property stamp is not a “Star” but more like a gear-wheel…in fact the
ROC Ordnance Dept. used a Gear wheel ( square cogs) in its emblem.
I may have been mistaken on the attribution of China to Thun production of T-18 cartridges in 1930s…from a book on Anti-tank rifles of the 1920s to 1930s.

Apologies if I led anyone astray.

Calling the ROC EMBLEM a Star is mistaken vexillology, big time…and even insulting ( The PRC Uses the star!!!)
Doc AV

Astrid, in fact the symbol is depicting the sun no?

Of course, what I have been trying
to emphasize for all this thread.
Just that a lot of " guai-lo" will not understand.
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