7.92 Kurtz


Found at a garage sale last Saturday:

5rds. 7.92 Kurtz, H/S: aux 30 44 st, in stripper clip mk’d : hre 44
I know the cartridges are from Polte, but who made stripper??

1rd. 7.92 Kurtz, H/S: 04 61, is this East German??


The stripper clip with “hre” code was made by the C. W. Motz & Co., Metallwarenfabrik, Brandenburg/Harel.

The aux round is from Polte, Werk Magdeburg.

The 04 61 round is East German, from VEB Mechanische Werkst


The actual name for this ammunition is

7,92 mm kurz, not “Kurtz”… or 7,92x33 or 8x33 …This should be known…!!!




KURTZ is easier to say in English than KURZ and not likely to be stopped. It also relates phonetically to the English word “curt” meaning SHORT. Like the metric system it will be quite a while before it (KURZ) catches on over here in the US of A.


There is a US version of the 7.92mm known as the 30 KURZ (a wildcat) that is enjoying limited popularity in modified 30 Carbines. It actually makes the Carbine into a suitable deer rifle, almost.



Is there any way to get a visual of 30 Kurz wildcat?



Happy to be of service.

There are also several competition cartridges (all wildcats) very similar to those shown. I’ll have to look to see if I have a photo in my files if you are interested.