7.92 Kurz collection listing

Regarding the previous posting on 7.92 Kurz collection, I listed mine as well. Took a lot of elbow grease and most of the December holidays, but finally here it is. Too many to list here on the forum but you can have a look at it on my site - cartridgecollector.net/792-x-33-kurz

There are a lot of questions popping up from this and I would appreciate the input from the IAA members regarding some information. There might be some errors on the description of some of them - if you find any, please let me know. I have also listed some items that, according to the data I have, are not legitimate but reproductions/private loads or just plain fake. If someone knows the story/history behind any of them thanks for the input in advance.


Just a small detail: Magdeburg as well as Salzwedel are located in Sachsen-Anhalt (part of Prussia), which is different from Sachsen (originally a kingdom of its own).

That list & photos are awesome Daan. Do you maintain a list of known headstamps (line-drawn or typed list) that you don’t have, or do you know how many are out there that you don’t have? Not too many I would think.

I do have a list, not yet edited to put up here but to give you an indication I still need another 75 to complete this collection with all known examples. This does not include the truly “specialist” ones like the Probe 3 and other nifty ones! Once the list is ready, I will add to this post.

Daan, is that “04 59” brass case really with a triangle in the hs?
Any chance for a larger image?

Any thoughts or comments on these two drill/dummy/work examples?

Round #2 is second from right in the two following pics:

Sorry guys I’m away from my notes until Monday.

Absolutely terrific layout, really enjoyed going through that, thank you - graphics and readability are wonderful good work.
It is really helpful to have your notes explain that the dash determines the difference between one and two ignition holes.
Little things that have had me wondering - thanks.

Great collection - must have been no small feat to get that together.

The iron projectiles are truly interesting - must have been rough on the rifling

Well there is a whole lot there that is interesting to a novice Kurz collector.
I am finding a lot of wartime Kurz from a lot of sources, but it is the same factories, and 44, 45 dates.

Thanks for posting, I went through your list a number of times!!!