7.92 Kurz, East German

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Hallo WCG, auf den Schachteln der geöffneten Kiste liegt ein Zettel. Kannst du von diesem ein Bild machen?

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Es ist höchstwahrscheinlich eine Anzahl von Personen, die die Kiste gepackt haben, wie im sowjetischen System

Thanks to Google Translate here is the photo you requested…792x33 pic 11
(Sorry I don’t understand much German, in England they taught us French as the second language)


When you say shipping lot, I guess that was 2400 rounds?

I have some Chinese crates same way painted over. Its no loss to collectability use a slow thinner and mild abrasive pad and clean of the paint slowly. I got a Chinese crate so I could read it.

Ein Versandlos besteht aus einer unbekannten Anzahl von Kästen mit je 2400 Patronen. Die Gesamtzahl der Patronen pro Los ist nicht bekannt.

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In short, shorty wrote that the shipping lots each year started with 1/1. The next lot was 1/2 and so on until 1/10 was reached. Then the first nuber was incremented to 2/1, again until 2/10 was reached and so on.
One crate held 2400 cartridges and a shipping lot could have any number of crates.
He also mentions that in 1958, GDR had at least about 23.600 weapons of StG 44 type available.

The powder ist not common.I know Nz.R.P. 1- 08/0,2.from WWII.The wooden box labels Kurzpatronen in my collection only from 1961 are different.

Do you have also the boxes to the lot 6/7 59 in the wooden crate.
I have a box 6/7 from 22.1. 59 .
Please send me pictures from this box and from all wooden crate labels and different box labels for my book about the develoment and production of the "7,92 mm Kurzpatrone 43 "


The painted grey is not original.I add the normal crate without colour and one label in the front and one on the side .

Norbert Berg

WUFL is Soviet propellant made for the 7.62 x 39 M43 ammunition. It should work without problems in German 7.9 mm Kurzpatronen. 18/61 would be the lot and T the manufacturer.

At the very first label shown the ‘St’ (for Stahl) is stamped with blue ink. The word ‘Hülse’ is printed in black. This means at that time there was also room for ‘Messing’ Hülse instead of Stahl Hülse.


Hi guys,
Does anybody know whether the primers in these batches of 1959 dated ammo are corrosive?
Also that is the powder type?

The primers are highly corrosive.

Before anybody comes with facts, with the coming to be of the plant and its technology in 1959 and earlier a Czechoslovak propellant or WUFL, as we have later seen, is likely.

The box with Messing Hülsen in 1959 shown only MS .

04 59 8x33



Norbert, incredible box, thanks a lot for sharing!