7,92 kurz with soft lead up front...?


The bullets look amateurishly made, lots of folds and other signs of being cast at too low a temperature. I thought I’d run it it past the collected expertise here before consigning them to the bin.
Cases are very close to 7,92x33 in dimensions.


Mausernut, They are cut off .30-06 cases (Des Moines, Iowa Ammunition Plant), 1942. They still have the original corrosive primer. Regards, Bruce.


Yeah, the Des Moines headstamp told me they were probably remade cases, but I had to be sure it was not some early attempt at making commercial 8x33 on old wartime cases or suchlike. I’ll put them in my cigarbox with weird and wonderful cartridges :-)


Don’t automatically assume that casting marks are amateur. a lot of commercially cast bullets have them as well.


I hear you Vince, but in this case they are homemade. Just had it confirmed by the guy who made them, using a dieset made for that specific purpose.