7.92 kurz


I just picked up 3 of these rounds. One has 2 holes in the primer and one hole in case wall close to the rim.
The 2 holes in the primer are small diameter and nicely done. Same with the case wall hole only larger diameter.
Cartridge with holes is in excellent condition, no marks from a vice or vice grip etc.
Has anyone seen this before.
Is this something done in 1944 at place of manufacturer or later.
Bob R.


It was not done in the factory :)



Is it possible that it was done for a display board!!



It was likely done to inert the cartridge for any number of reasons, a display board or some other display is one reason.




It is highly unlikely that the factory would inert a live round like this for any display purpose. They would likely simply assemble an inert cartridge that looked like a live one. One way to find out would be to disassemble one of the cartridges and see if there is any primer-compound residue in the cup. If there is, then this was done by some individualy for his own purposes.
Also, they would all likely be done in the identical fashion, not different levels of inerting on the same lot numbers. Just my opinion.