7.92 made in China 1945


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Great image!
Can you explain us the headstamp please?

And could you ID the character which is denoting the factory?

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It is said to be manufactured by the Jin, Hebei, Shandong, and Henan Military Region Ordnance Industry Plants in the base area. The output is not large, so it is very rare.


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“34”(now seriously worn out)in lower part meansw it was produced in year34(1947).
“淮海” in the upper part is not the factory. It was actually produced in “Liu Bocheng factory”. This factory supplied ammo for PLA during the War of Liberation.
It may be said that this kind of bullet is also a more symbolic hero of liberating the people.

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Xandres, what part of the headstamp is indicating the factory then?

The Nationalist Party and the Communists count their calendar from the Xinhai Revolution in 1911. That’s why “34” in the lower arc represents 1945 (1911+34= 1945).
The two symbols on the upper arc are the manufacturer’s code. The 5-point stars at the 9- and 3- o’clock positions might represent the Communist Party (the Nationalists used a white sun).

Sorry, I don’t know the details clearly. The information about this ammo is mostly hearsay. I haven’t seen the official details.

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I think you just misread the sheet above. The text next to it reads “1945” and then some other text.

The note at the bottom that reads “1947” might be when it was published or something.
1947 [Year] 37 [?]

PS: Good job catching the date from the worn lower arc. I almost thought they were Chinese numbers.