7,92 Mauser clip headstamp - 274 A 22

Has anyone seen such headstamp on mauser clip ?

274A22 steel, nickel-plated

Encrypted German or post-war production, for example Hungarian 7.92x56 (Sadu) ?


I have this as being German, maker unknown … but who knows ?


To my code book; “274” is Roßweiner Metallwarenfabrik Carl Bauch, Roßwein, Sachsen.


Suppose that it is,
however, there is no indication of production year (it’s definitely not 1922), but only an unusual A22 code…

It only comes to my mind RZM codification like this:


Equipment of subgroup 22 like ammo clips ???

The translation of Reichszeugmeisterei as State Master of Ordnance is a bit misleading, because it was simply the Nazi party office responsible for the procurement of uniforms and other items needed by party members. RZM was not a state or military organization.
Its premises in Munich later became McGraw Barracks.

These are the other 7,9 clips that I have as “Unidentified” … are the makers behind these codes known also ?



UM Sadu is Romanian. Did Hungary produce 7.92x57 post-war?