7,92 Mauser headstamp

anybody can explain me a headstamp “Sz” “ZS”? Can’t find anything.


The Z added to the S indicates that the zinc alloy used was called ‘German zinc’ which suggested a wartime necessity to use domestic zinc ores in place of imported ones. It was in use only briefly, suggesting, I suppose, all later cases made during the war emergency were of similar material. Jack

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Late but Thanks for explaination Jack!

I am not sure.

This story goes on for a longer time.
Did you found any confirmation about the German zinc?

For me it was the change from 72% to 67%.
Nobody informed Dresden so they invented something.
This was an additional “Z” to show that the case had a higher percentage of zinc.
It was only seen by this company for two months.

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Dutch: My source was Storz’s book on the Gew.98 and K.98a. I will go back for a careful reading of what is presented there. Jack

Jack, I am sorry, you are right. I have also checked this in the book from Dieter Storz.

I could have known that. The person who wrote the “Ammunition” part is a good friend of me.
Only Dresden made this “SZ” in the head stamp (Patronenhülsen mit Deutschem Zink)
They dropped it because they only had the oberschlesisches zinc available instead of the British zinc they used until that date.

S67 was than the standard for German zinc


Dutch: Interesting to hear your opinion of the ‘ammunition’ section of the Storz book; it seemed very fine to me. Jack