7.92 Mauser Portugese Blank


I have a Portugese blank, headstamp FCPQ 46, with a VERY sharp, tapered point plain wood bullet. Is this a standard blank or a Grenade Blank? What is the Portugese designation?


Ron - these are weird. I think every known specimen came out of the same box originally. I don’t know the Portuguese designation, and don’t know if they were even made into blanks in Portugal. They are purpose driven, for sure, not just a single fake. The bullets are quite crude. The standard Portuguese blank has a reddish wood bullet, much like the German PP33.


I may be the source of these! I bought a pile of them at a Columbus Ohio gun show at least 20 years ago. There was a large ammo can full of them. They looked like the points were made in a pencil sharpener and the ogive was pretty rough cut.

They were just a couple of cents each. After I passed some on, I pulled one and the bullet was solid and looked like it was made from a piece of dowel. I decided they were probably made up by one of the machine gun shooters as pseudo-blanks and he was just getting rid of them!!! I put them away and they are buried somewhere downstairs. There must have been a thousand rounds of this stuff when I bought it, and I’m sure I’m not the only collector who bought some.