7.92 Mauser strange AP?


Maybe somebody can help to identify this 7.92 Mauser?
Head stamp is hhw St+ 47 43.

The strange to me thing is green varnish around primer.

On the left bullet from this cartridge (steel not hardened core) comparing to normal AP.

Thank you!


Could it be an “SmE (lang)”…mild steel core, longer than standard “SmE”.

Not an AP ( “SmK” in German designation).

Both the SmE and SmE(lang) were a design to avoid the use of lead in bullet cores…the steel was a standard “mild” ( SAE 1020) type steel, unhardened., for use as a standard ball bullet.

“SmE” is “Spitze mit Eisenkern” ( pointed with Iron core)

The Older Term for AP ( from WW I,) of SmK Spitze mit Kern assumed the “kern” was hardened or higher carbon steel.

In the late 1930s, the Germans used a Steel-Tungsten alloy ( NOT Tungsten carbide) in a hardened form, and it was called SmK(H)— SmK geHardt).

If the Bullet had been a SmK(H) one would have a hard time sectioning it…even grinding would have been laborious.

Doc AV
AV Ballistics.


This is not S.m.K(H). Core is not hardened.
As far as I know cartridges with S.m.E.lg bullet were without colored varnish around primer. But this one had remains of green varnish like l.S., l.S.L’Spur, s.S. Beschuss Patrone… So my question is is typical S.m.E.lg with green primer varnish?



What you have is a normal SmE cartridge with a primer 88.
The original blue primer seal color is probably faded by time in green/ blue.
hhw ( Metallwerke Silberhutte St. Andreasberg Hars) never made SmE Lang cartridges.



Well, I can’t guess how blue could turn to be green.
Maybe somebody can show another examples of color fading on German cartridges?

Yes it seems this is S.m.E (37 mm). lang should be 39 mm. Initially I though the right one on the photo is S.m.E but this one on the right is too short for S.m.E - ~32 mm…