7.92 Mauser

  1. The 7.92 Platzpatronen have a pink(violet, red) cylindroogival wooden bullet.
    I just bought this morning on a a flea market this morning one with a light brown pointed wooden bullet.
    the hstp is : 19/SB/32/10/
    black primer annulus

No powder noise, but the bullet crimp is good and the ctge doesn’t seem to have been unloaded.
What is it ?

  1. always coming from the same guy, another 7.92 ctg:
    brass case, all blackened bullet, green pa
    hstp : P120 S* 32 36
    I am not at home , therefore no book.
    what is this ctge ?


JP–On your first one,If you mean a natural wood colored pointed bullet without any paint, it is the standard Czechslovakian blank made by Sellier & Bellot and is a common cartridge.

Your second one is most likely a Spitzgeschoss mit Phosphor. These have the entire bullet blackened, but they normally have a red PA, not green.


The company

Laurent–You are partly correct. The S.m.K. (H) can be found in three different markings. Type 1 has Red PA with a GMCS bullet. Type 2-Red PA with a CNCS bullet and Type-3 has a Red PA with the entire bullet blackened. This loading has straight-sided ogive to the bullet. Cartridge weight is Aprox. 409 grains.

The P.m.K. loading comes in 4 different markings. Type-1 has Red PA with all black bullet. Type-1 Altered has a black PA OVER the red PA and all black bullet. Type-2 has a red stripe across the case head and a all black bullet. Type-3 has a black PA with an all black bullet. The bullet has very sharp ogive. Cartridge weight is aprox. 364 grains.

Besides the shape of the bullet, the Type-3 S.m.K. (H) can be told fom the Type-1 P.m.K. by the difference in weight.

All this information is from “The German 7.9 X 57mm Military Cartridge: Guide to Identification of Loadings” by John Moss.

I suspect that JP’s round is a P.m.K. bullet in a s.S case.