7.92 Mauser...?

Hi !

This (piece of) cartridge case looks like a previous one (7.92 Mauser, Vojno Tehnički Zavod, Kragujevac - Yugoslavia)…


BUT… the letter “A”…?

“ATZ” stand for Artiljerisko-Tehnički Zavod, Kragujevac.



Thank you !

So…it’s (was) just…changing the name of the factory (in this way, over the years…the “A”-Artiljerisko ‘became’ “B”/V-Vojno), isn’t it ?

Yes, they have been produced both in Yugoslavia, but in different factories and different years!

It was the same factory, just different names. The headstamp change* ocurred during 1932, because you can also find cartridges marked B T Z 32.

*Official change designation ocurred on March 4,1931.

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