7.92 Mauser


In a box of WW1 Mauser cartridges that I bought there is this cartridge that appears to have a bullet that is used in the 8mm Lebel. The cartridge has a h/s of
P 6 16 S67 with a black primer sealant that is original to the cartridge. The bullet has a F stamped on the nose, the mouth crimp also appears to be original. Did Germany use Lebel bullets for some loadings or is this someone’s concoction.
Thank You Carolyn


All I can say about the cartridge is that a loading with that type bullet is not in Willem Van Eijk’s listing of known German headstamps. Anything else would be pure speculation on my part.



Could you please make a picture of the nose?



here’s a scan of the bullet tip


The French military balle M bullet is seen with a (maker’s?) mark on the nose, so I’d be inclined to think it a French bullet away from home. Jack


Hi on the top of the M bullet it’s the metal producer, the builder from the bullet was mark at the bottom in the lead .
Bsrg, Dan

For me sorry, these Ctg is a fantaisy, a fake …


The Designs of the manufacture of the Balle M show an interesting Feature…"Noyeau Coulee’ " means “Cast Core”…so rather than extrude lead wire and crop it into the correct weight, they made the cores by Casting, maybe by “Gang Moulds” or similar. THis certainly saves on lead, as the correct weight/size of lead is immediately arrived at, and no need of “Bleeder” dies is required as with “Cut wire” cores.

Probably because the French had wide experience in Mass producing the 11mm Ball for the Gras Rifle that a similar method of producung the Lead “slugs” for the new Balle “M” was arrived at.

WE know how the Balle D was made ( swaging a cut-off slug of 90/10 wire) but how about the 1932 Balle N??? how was its core made? ( Most probably cut “cut and form” rather than “cast and form”???)

Doc AV
AV Ballistics.


Yes, absolutly, when i work about i missed to scan the building documents for 32 N :-(
So, by chance i found something about ordinary 32N in Tracer building documents.
We an read in appendice the core coming from lead cords so, cut and form sure …
Best Regards, Dan