7.92 pp33 "p90d zk"



a friend asked for id of the “ZK” marking on this PP33. We can note that the primer is crimped.

The box contains 14 standard PP33 and only one with the marking “P90D ZK”.

By the way, is MB a known manufacturer of wood bullets ?

Any comment would be welcome,




A very interesting headstamp! I wish I knew what the story was behind its use.

The first lots of Platzpatronen 33 from ak and kam had “MB/M.B.” as the bullet manufacture (P491 also used “MB”); later lots have hhx, jry and kam also had “L.H.”

The hhx code (M. Böhme, Holzwarenfabrik/Munitionskisten, Groß
Hartmannsdorf, bei Brand-Erbisdorf, Sachsen) was assigned in August 1941

M. Böhme is shown as “Bö” on most pre-1940 PP33 labels but could it also have been shown as “MB/M.B.”?