7.92 Romanian with wihte p/a?



I have a Raomanian 7.92 round, h/s “CMC 43 7.92.D 19” with a cncs projo. The p/a is white.

Any idea what loading? I’m guessing AP, but really don’t know. Bullet profile looks like standard S.



Never saw a Romanian 7.9mm AP before (nor a Romanian 7.9mm round with a white annulus). By using the weights of the Romanian S and sS loadings as reference points, the AP round should weigh approximately 395 grains +/- (assuming that the bullet is similar to the German S.m.K.)

  • @ dak21: Can you post here a picture showing the headstamp markings and the primer image ??? Thanks, Liviu 06/13/10 P.S. During WW2 the Romanians manufactured “AP” ammo (“Cartuse cu glont perforant” - in Romanian language) like the 13.2X99 / 0.52" Hotchkiss Long rimless rounds used by 13.2mm Hotchkiss AA weapons and Browning FN 13.2mm machine-guns which armed some Romanian-built fighter aircraft (various IAR models). I assume the Romanian also made during WW2 7.92X57 rimless ammo with “AP” bullets but I don’t know any details about this.


Are you sure it is white and not just dirt, crud or oxidation?