7.92 SmK o.L.Mess

In 1943 Spain signed a support program with nazi Germany, called "Sofortprogramm B

Schneider - if “mess.” refers to messingh

That is some interesting information. As John said steel cased PmK rounds are pretty scarce. Willem van Eijk lists P345 Xm1 1 40, P345 VIIIg1 3 40, P345 VIIIg1 4 40 and P345 VIII 5 40 all with copper washed steel cases and black primer annuli. Bill Wooden showed me a steel cased PmK from the lab

Now I know better. These cartridges, in the mentioned quantities, were delivered to Spain on June 12, 1943.

Phil - I believe that the steel-cased PmK that the Lab has is one of the P345 codes. I had one of them as well, although now that you mention more than one date, I forget which.

Thanks for the info on the Reichsmark. The Mark was also worth about a quarter (25 cents) during my first visit to Germany in 1972. How times have changed.