7.92 tool cartridge

I found this tool cartridge in 7.92. Can anybode help with information about it?

As far as I can see, it has ho headstamp. Thanks

I have a similar dummy in my collection identified as a Polish one.

Just for clarification purposes (and my own personal knowledge), what exactly is a “Tool Cartridge”?

Is it something similar to that of a Tround Terra-Drill cartridge? - Where cartridges are used in place of machinery tools? (Like a drill bit?)
(Sorry if my question does not make sense, I can try and re-word my question if necessary)


Firstly, while the dummy cartridge shown is definitely Polish, I have not heard it defined as a “tool cartridge,” as in German “Werkzeugpatrone,” before. To my knowledge, it is just a drill round.

In the sense used by the Germans in their Werkzeugpatronen, if I understand it correctly, it means a general-purpose inert cartridge that can be used as a drill round, or part of an armourer’s tool kit, and can be used in the disassembly of some weapons in preference to using a live round. There are disassembly features on some weapons that allow the use of a cartridge point as a sort of pin punch, and the rim of the cartridge as a sort of a screwdriver, and soldiers are taught that in an emergency, a live round can be used as a tool. The “tool cartridge” is specifically made for that purpose.

I have never quite understood why, for armourer’s kits, they simply did not supply a proper tool for the function(s) performed by the Werkzeugpatrone, but then perhaps I do not fully or correctly understand its function.

The purpose according to LDv 4000/10 of 1942 was: “als Waffenmeisterwerkzeug zur Gängigkeitsprüfung von Waffen” (as an armourer’s tool for operability checking of weapons).

JohnMoss & JPeelen, thank you for the clarification! It makes more sense to me now, than before hand.

Thanks to the both of you for the information!


Peelen - thanks for the definitive explanation. I do recall years ago, more than I can even remember, reading something taken from some German source, perhaps a weapons manual, describing the werkzeug’s use in disassembly of something, perhaps an MG34.

The standard drill cartridge, I suppose, in light of the description given in the source you quoted, would probably have been considered too light in overall weight for reliably checking the functionality of weapons, and was used only for instruction in loading from clips or singly, and for practice in the manupilation of the bolt on rifles, hence “exerzierpatrone.”

Thanks to John and Peelen for your information.

I think the use of “dummies” are very offen different from country to country. In Denmark we also have some special “dummies” to simulate faults by the gun.

No one from left has removed about 50 % of the rim and no. 2 has the head removed, both will give problems by extraction. No. 3 has some dents, which will secure that the cartridges will lock in the champer of the gun. All 3 “dummies” were used in training soldiers.

Does anybody know if any other country used “dummies” like that?