7,92 unknown polish headstamp

I’m looking for information about this headstamp:
This is a normal 7.92 x 57 Mauser, factory: Państwowe Wytwórnie Uzbrojenia, Fabryka Amunicji nr. 1, Skarzysko-Kamienna, but who was the supplier of metal (S) ???
I did not get response on Polish forums, maybe you’ll know something about it.

Maybe somebody has informations about other polish marking on 7,92x57 Mauser.
In internet I found only one poor qualities photo.

drawn by me headstamp:

The symbol at the bottom of the headstamp, resembling an arrow, is the old symbol of the Polish Mint (manufacturer of coins and currancy for Poland). Either obsolete brass coinage, badly worn coins, or brass-coin metal stored at the Mint were sent to the ammunition factory to be turned into cartridge cases, so the metal supplier symbol is that of the Mint. This headstamp is rare in the U.S. I had, when I collected that caliber, one of the only ones known in this country. I don’t know how rare it is in the European collector’s world. Dan Kent first reported the headstamp in his book on 7.9 cartridges, but he got the design of the arrow completely wrong. The drawing on this Forum is just about perfect.

The symbol named is “Kościesza”, this is old polish coat of arms used from XIV century.

In years 1925-1939 was used as coin-sign by Mennica Państwowa (State Mint)


In Poland only one produced coins from brass in year 1923, this was:
2 grosze
5 groszy
Theoretically using for this production (weight of coin*quantity) about 131 tons of brass.
Fact, this was very poor qualitatively coins, next series these coins was produced from bronze or coppers. For production this coins was used brass with composition: Cu 60%; Zn 39,5%; Sn 0,5%
this is little different from brass for ammo case.

In my theory:
In the latter part of 30’s (1937-38) was tested possibility some factories of change from normal production to production of war.
Mint probably was not only tradesman of brass but produced also discs of brass for cases as semimanufactured article, because first stage of production of case is very similar to coins.

(Picture is from mint from that of period - by NAC)

Mint was located near Zakłady Amunicyjne “Pocisk” (symbol “Pk” on case) because as producer case/ammo is this factories.

If goes for marking given by AveDanzig , situation can be similar.
Producer of case/ammo is Zakłady Amunicyjne in Skarżysko. We should seek smelting works situated near it .But in this instance would be probably only tradesman of brass.

Unfortunately I cannot find any informations which would confirm this theory.


PJB - Wow! When I made my answer to this question, it was off the top of my head. Most of my source material for this stuff is in Polish, which I cannot read a word of, unless that word has a root used for the same meaning in languages like English, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, and in a lesser degree, German. I am glad to see that, with reservations I made myself, my answer was essentially correct.

However, your answer is absolutely “World Class.” This is the kind of information we need in answers. Good detail, scholarly and well put. Great stuff. Thank you for posting it. You and Fede must be cousins or something!!!

I don’t print out much anymore for my files due to lack of space, changing interests, etc., but I will certainly print this one out - one for my 7.9 Polish file and one for my general “Poland” file.