7.92 USA support Republic Of China in 1942

I got some 7,92*57 by accident ,i wanna know more about it

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These were made by Winchester-Western (I forget which plant, but someone will know I think) for China. They definitely exist in ordinary Ball loads with dates of 42, 43, and 44, as well as with only the two Chinese Characters and the 6 o’clock position on the head left empty (no date). There are variations in the colored seals on these rounds as well. There are also dummy rounds, at least for 1943 and 1944 and so-dated. There could be one for 42 as well, but I can’t verify that. All the other information is from the catalog of my own 7.9 collection, which I retained for information when I sold the collection.

My book on Chinese ammunition, by Ken Elks, is out on loan right now, but I believe it covers these rounds, including the proper interpretation of the characters, which I think just relate to the maker of the rounds.

I had a couple of box variants in my collection as well, but don’t recall them holding ammo on clips. I suspect that the clips were added in China, or perhaps elsewhere, but not from Winchester. They are for the Model 98 Mauser Rifle in its various 7.9 x 57 forms.

John Moss

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Some information on these cartridges:


I was pretty sure they were Western-made, but I had to go get my Driver’s License renewed and had no time to verify it in my library. Thanks Randy.

John M.