7,92 Werkzeug

My question is …Were the rounds made and boxed showing the lot numbers, or were they made by using up spare cases? thanks in advance…paul

Its made in Polte in S* means brasscase

You can find „Werkzeugpatronen” in each lot number.
They were made from leftover cases from the normal production.


Thank you …Question answered!..paul.

The later Werkzeugpatronen were purpose made with a newly designed case that did not include a true primer pocket, but rather simply a dimple to provide clearance for the firing pin tip if the rifle was triggered

Other than that, they are the same pattern as shown, chromed and with the same hole pattern. Some headstamps found on these are:

P S* 1 40
P Heer 39
P S* Heer 40
P S* WH 40
P S* RLM 40
P RLM 39
aux S* 1 41
aux S* Heer 41
aux S* 1 41
aux S* 4 41
aux 1 44 St (Steel Case)
aux St 1 43 (Steel Case)

I don’t recall having or having seen any makers other than Polte, Werk Magdeburg, but I am sure the list above is not complete, by any means. I just offer it to show the different headstamp contents of these purpose-manufactured Werkzeug (tool) cartridges.

John Moss

John… thanks for that, need to keep an eye out for one of them. Regards…paul.

Werkzeugpatronen were developed during WW1.

The first model was not chromed.
Because this round was used on daily basis the cartridge was chromed for protection.


In 1939 the case becomes there own design. Almost all rounds were made by Polte.
A few lots of 1936 are known from DWM Karlsruhe. (P28)



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Dutch - nice selection of WWI Werkzeug cartridges. I only had one or two in my collection. They are seldom seen here, it seems. Thanks for posting.


I forgot to post it. A look inside.



Wow! I imagined that these had some sort of spacer to keep the bullet from seating back during dozens and dozens of chamberings of a single cartridge, but I didn’t know anything about that very heavy-duty spring.

Great pictures. Thanks my friend. I still have a soft spot for this cartridge. I will never sell my K98k!

John M.