7,92 x 33 Kurz

I would like to have an opinion on this 7.92x33 of “manipulation”.
Thank you.
DSC_0001 DSC_0005

It looks like someone has removed the lacquered green finish.

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It is chrome plated

Finish stripped vs Plated. Theres
too much corrosion for plating.

A bad plating also allows corrosion.
I think this is a garage work of someone as a factory plating would be professional.

I have a “similar-ish” round that I have logged as a ‘Spanish werkzeug on German case’. It appears to be all chromed, tip to tail. I previously posted these, hope they help.
*Second from the right, with the ‘hla’ headstamp.

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This cartridge is not an original Werkzeugpatrone.
I ad the different types from 1942 and 1944. and a copper version from 1943 Hs aux 7.9 12 43 Werkzeug%20vecromt Werkzeug%20vercromt%20Ha%20aux%201%2042 Werkzeug%20matt%20cercromt

Norbert Berg


I know that my example is not an original German item, but the little I found on it at the time I got it, led me to believe it might be a Spanish example of the kind.

Why are there holes in the projectile of your Werkzeugpatrone? Are these holes original? I never saw projectile holes before, only the body of the cartridge.

The original Werkzeugpatrone must be have also the 2 mm hole in the bullet.

See the drawing and the crom plated cartridges above and the Polte board showing the Werkzeugpatrone.

Norbert Berg

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thank you for your feedback.


If you have a look on the drawing above you will see that there is the hole of 2mm diameter 12mm from the top. That means yes this is originally in the tool cartridge.
As I have a tool cartridge in 7.9 x 57 where similar holes are integrated I would assume that the 2 holes plus the chrome plating is defining the German tool cartdige.



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Good question, why are the holes in the projectile?
most dummy cases have holes in the case only that I have seen.
No idea.

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Positive ID.

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Thank you