7.92 x 33mm Cases

The picture shows 3 x 7.92 x 33mm cases. The left hand one is un-headstamped and appears to have a wider than normal extraction groove can anyone tell me anything about this, is it German? I assume the central cartridge should be completely lacquered and this has sadly been cleaned off is this correct? The last cartridge seems to me have an odd lot number is it legitimate or a fake?

Thanks in advance for any information.


The left one is Czech.
I was told only NPE cases were found and all loaded specimen we see every now and then are “stuffers”.

the third with the red primer sealant maybe a fake because i think never see “SMK” load in this caliber

The 3rd looks more like a reformed 7.92x57 - probably no fake but made up in lack of shootable ammo?

The third cartridge is not an original 7.9 x 33, but rather 7.9 x 57. It may not actually be what would be considered a fake. It might be an instance of someone reforming the case to produce a 7.9 x 33 cartridge, for whatever purposes. It was almost certainly done by an individual, and not any German Government facility.(or like no other Government of any country). If created to fool other collectors, it would be called a fake, but this would hardly fool any collector interested enough in the caliber to collect it.

John Moss

The Czech one is very nice and not so often encountered. Is it filled with powder? I heard the case comes often separated from the bullet. It seems the lacquer has vanished on both cases, the Czech one and the “genuine” from '41. About the right one: seemingly home-made. It seems a case of a 7.9x57 was used for it, according the headstamp. A two pence cartridge for the real collector…
Beside the lot without headstamp, the Czech made another lot but then with headstamp.

Thanks for all the replies. Dugjans they are all empty cases.

If the middle one was reformed, where are the stabs to secure the primer in his place.

Where was said it is the middle?

The middle round is a perfectly good, ORIGINAL specimen of 7.9 x 33 Kurzpatrone. All talk of a “reformed case” has been about the one with the P25 headstamp, absolutely a 7.9 x 57 mm round originally, likely an S.m.K. or S.m.K L’spur.

John Moss