7.92 x 57 - "7.92 56" headstamp (Italian)


I have a 7.92 x 57 Round headstamped “56 7.92” (Brass case, black primer annulus). Where was this made?


Bombrini Parodi-Delfino, Italy in 1956. I don’t know what the signifigance of the black annulus is, if anything. Jim.


Thanks, was this a clandestine contract load?


Believed to be Italian for Egypt. A bunch of that came out of Israel with other captured/surplused ammo.


Good question - and I don’t know, but I suspect it might have been. Something about contract loads for Egypt rings a bell but I’ll have to do a bit of research. Have a look at my list and you’ll see Ball and Armour Piercing with this headstamp.


Falcon - check the primer seal on your case. It should be green. sometimes the green lacquer is very dark, and if dirty at all, looks black. Look at it in a very strong light. Regarding loadings, aside from the Ball and AP, there is a tracer. All three loads are only known with “56” date, and all three have a green primer seal, regardless of the loading. The Tracer has the usual red bullet tip.


I can’t check the primer seal as I don’t have the case in my posession - I may be buying it off someone. It is one of those rounds you get over here with a re-seated bullet in a fired case.