7,92 x 57 box from the spanish civil war (1936-39)


An empty box dating from the spanish civil war (1936-39)

German designation (cal. 7,9 mm - SS bullet) but english language.

I don’t think these cartridges were made for the spanish war. Maybe they were current FN stock.


And FN still used the same box style in 1950.


I found this box. according to the label are from 7.92 x57 tracer - A/P, but inside it holds regular 7x57 cartridges.

War economy?

The cartridges are marked “M”


I don’t think so. The box for 100 7 x 57 cartridges is well known.

I don’t know how somebody can think these cartridges are spanish production… and during wartime, no less.




The issue is the labeling error.




If the box was unopened when you found it, then it’s a rare labelling error. Shipping ball cartridges in a box labeled for AP-T ammunition (and in other caliber) is unacceptable.
The 7 x 57 boxes (100 loose rounds and 20 rounds in clips) had blue paper labels.




Schneider, sorry to say that one of the two boxes I had of these cartridges, I myself unsealing.