7.92 x 57 F Patrone " Flugzeugbrand "

In your opinion, are they original?

Unfortunately they are not.
Only Polte loaded the F bullet.

The first impression is not bad. My problem is that I have never seen one with a “Dresden” head stamp. That means not much.

The different to the more common S.pr bullet in air plain MG was that he did not loose any Phosphorus during his flight. The bullets have a big impact on enemy plains and are superior to the SmK for aerial combat.
The weight was the same and the only way to keep them apart is that the S.pr has a black and the “F” cartridges have a red annulus colour.
An X-ray could help you to identify this round.

Time to visit your dentist. :-)

hello and thank you, my problem is that not been manufactured by polte, for that I had a doubt but I had them at an old gentleman, not on the stock exchange or at a collector, he also gave me a blade loader K L’Spur Patrone, I’m following, says that polte was not the only manufacturer of this ammunition

It seems that your cartridges have had the bullet pulled, could be interesting to see the bullet’s apart

I wonder if Something new had turned out about these cartridges.
While looking at the cartridges and specially the bullet’s shape and the fact that the bullets do not fit entirely in the case, I wonder if they are not 8x50R Lebel AP bullets.

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