7.92 x 57 --> hdst 39 L D 10 question

In my collection I have a 7,92 x 57 cartridge with the headstamp:
39 L D 10 with a red annulus.
I supposed L D says Lincaicula Dirbt

Yes, the Lithuanian rounds with the red annulus are AP. Kent in his book ascribes the L D to Linkacuai Dirbtuves, Linkacauai, Lithuania and the A D to Artileri Dirbtuves, Kaunas, Lithuania

The number you describe as

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You asked about the FN connection with the Lithuanian 7.9mm ammo. There are many lots in the 1930

Hallo pbutler

Very interesting information, confusing too. So far I have only one cartridge of LD in my collection so I cannot confirm your coincidence theory.
But, a lot of crdg’s are still waiting for my database so maybe i’ll find more ;-)

Thanks so far!

Phil - I have 52 of these Lithuania headstamped 7.9s in my collection, including the three with “K” Headstamp (Kaunas/Kynoch), but not counting all the FN trinomial headstamps, including one stamped with the Lithuanian crest instead of the month or lot number, that we are sure were made for Lithuania.

I have Lot 1 for AD 38, and also have it with no lot number for that year. Lot 1 is with a red primer seal - probably SmK, while I have it with no lot number in both Type S and Type sS ball.

I have lot 1 for LD in years 39, 40 and 41. Lot 1 of 39 is Type S Ball while lots 1 of 40 and 41 are Type sS. I also have LD 39 and 40 with no lot number, 39 in both S and sS and 40 in sS only.

In AD my lots 1 and 2 of 38 are not only red-sealed, but they have CNCS bullets. My lot 12 of 39 for LD is red-sealed, but has a GMCS bullet. I have two plain-wood bullet blanks, both from AD, one of which has no lot number and one has lot 18. Neither has any primer seal. I also have a ball round, type sS with green seal, with no headstamp that was found mixed in AD & LD boxes, but looks the same early AD rounds, including not having primer crimps.

Hope the above is not too confusing and of some help. Am afraid it shoots down your thoughs on Lot l, though.

By the way, I haven’t been able to make much out of the box labels either.
I think a lot of them have been repacked at random.


Thanks for the input. Since both the lot 1 and no lot number headstamp exist for multiple years, I wonder what those with no lot numbers tell us. Maybe that