7.92 x 57 ? Spitzgeschoss Phosfor

I try to identify the ammunition I just asquérir.
Thank you in advance for information…

What you have is a German S.pr ( Spitzgeschoss Phosfor ) bullet loaded for the
Spanish civil war.


Léon, this cartridge was actually loaded at Palencia (FNP) in 1952 using German S.pr. bullets. It is also known with Spanish headstamps from the same era. Regards, Fede.

Thank you for identification

Fede, do you have any knowledge / documentation about the use of SpR bullets used after WW1

As far I know, these bullets were not used by the German forces.

The P154 with the primer 30 could be made for Spain, the V B q from 1938 also.
But by the Polte from 1940 I am a little confused. We could make it easy to say it was export to Portugal, but I don’t have any evidence for this.


Dutch, all I know about these cartridge is what is mentioned in Molina-Orea p. 711, and what I always heard from Spanish collectors. I have a picture of one of these cartridges headstamped F N P 7.92 - 952, which support the Spanish post-war loading mentioned in the book. Also, for what is worth, these loadings haven’t been found in Civil War excavations. Regards, Fede.

The last 2 on the right are reloaded? Spitzgeschoss Phosfor on Austrian cases (X/X/X/7.9) with a stained purple tips.
The center of the projectile has a loose lead square “trefoil” that spins when fired, allowing the phosphorous out a weep hole that’s below the case mouth. Incendiary/ Smoke Tracer?

@ Fede, Thank you very much.
@ wolfganggross, Nice cuts and picture.