7.92 x 57mm Czech blank

I have a rosette crimped blank of Czech origin - whether it’s an original military loading or not I have no idea at this stage - but what is really intriguing me is that it has engraving around the case just above the extractor groove. This is very neatly done and I’d suggest it was done at a factory.
It reads 'CZ HERMEX s.r.o. 8 MARKUP BL’
This is then followed by a symbol which I would best describe as an octogan containg an acorn or something similar. This may just be visible in the scan.
Any ideas…anybody?

I don’t know what the engraving means but I have a tracer round (red Tip) with the same headstamp and annulus color. The red annulus usually indentifies a tracer round but they may have used it on others. I don’t believe I have seen a star-crimped Czech blank before. The usual is with a wooden bullet.

Converted Ball/Tracer/etc case to Blank; probably for Movie use;
CZ Hermex is probably the conversion company, and the marking is rolled into the case, so it was a large quantity made, to justify a roller die.

A Lot simpler than “ink stamping” as is used in Germany for Milsurp.

Wooden Bullet blankis are predominatly for “forward feeding” MGs such as Vz26 & 30, and MG34/42 etc. OTOH, a standard case crimped down works well in Bolt action Mausers and “backward extraction” type MGs such as Maxims etc.

Maybe I am biased (Movie gun supplier) but a commercial co. mark seems to indicate recycling of old Military ammo.

Doc AV
AV Ballistics.

firstly, I agree with Doc Av, etc., that these are blanks made from tracer ammunition, on a commercial, rather than military basis. I have six Czech 7.9 x 57 rosebud-crimped blanks, and I do not think any of them were originally made as such. One possible exception is one made on a commercially-headstamped Sellier & Bellot case with green base and green crimp closure, that is a proof round for testing blank firing weapons and devices. It is possible that it was made as such by Sellier & Bellot, but even that is not certain.

All rounds with added commercial markings are not milsurp. Many European countries now demand, under law, that the loading factory be represented among the markings on the cases. some of these laws are pretty current. For example, I have had all of my Czech blanks for some time, and none of them carry any extra markings. It seems to be a fairly current requirement, in some countries. I have several 9 x 21 mm cases with original headstamps, remarked with the roll die in the same manner as the blank in question, with the marking “L.C.M.” around the base, the initials of an Italian ammunition company that has had their own headstamp, but also loads on other companies brass. One of the cases is even Italian, from G.F.L., but is remarked regardless.

CZ HERMEX s.r.o., Kon