7.92 x 57mm - early Spandau Einheitspatrone case


I have recently got a Spandau Einheitspatrone case from October 1901, which doesn’t seem strange, because in the book “Vor der Patrone 88 zur Patrone S” it’s mentioned that there exist cases from previous trials.
However I haven’t seen a Spandau “E” case from before December 1901, when it became mass produced, elsewhere.

Do any of you also have one in your collection?

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Unfortunately not from Spandau.
But I can help with a M88 from D.M. November 1900.
DM 11 00 E


2 more to look at by DM

Thanks for the photos.
I also have DM E cases from November and December 1900 and those from 1911.
They seem to be more popular but still interesting.