7.92 x 94 Headstamp Identification


I have a 7.92 x 94 (Patrone 318) case with the following headstamp:


I’m presuming the P = Polte and the 40 = 1940 but I’m unsure about the WaA700 and the 14c.

I’ve searched the forum and there’s a discussion from 10 years ago but it didn’t provide the answers I’m looking for.

Any help would be much appreciated

John P


The WaA number identifies the head of the military acceptance unit (Abnahmestelle) responsible for accepting this item as in agreement with the specification. Number 700 is also found on other Polte products from the 1939/41 time frame. When the man is transferred to another post, he takes the number with him. The WaA number of his successor will then appear on the accepted products. .

For diffcult to manufacture items, a lot (Lieferung) might be delivered in sub-lots (Rate). So the case is from lot 14, sub-lot c (Lieferung 14, Rate c) of 1940.

I am not an expert in this type of ammunition and cannot say whether the WaA stamp documents the acceptance of the case or the entire cartridge.



Many thanks for this, I’ve also found some information on the Municion website which I’m about to translate


Jochem, the stencilled acceptance on the case or any other item is valid only for the item it is applied to.
Loaded cartridges have the acceptance in paint on the projectile (13mm and larger) and / or on the box label.


Hi everyone

If anyone needs a list of WaA codes, this one is probably fair.




Many thanks Rufus