7.92 x 94 Patronen 318

I just acquired a 7.92 x 94 Patronen 318

Waffenamt 767

Steel case, Wood belted blt
no primer, 2 hole berdan pocket, three stake crimp marks.
In looking thru reference material, I don not see eej as a maker. All rounds I have seen are marked P (Polte) or aux.
Who is the manufacturer of eej and is this a uncommon headstamp for this caliber?
With the wood blt and steel case, is this a grenade launcher?
Bob Ruebel

According to the handy IAA Headstamp Finder, “eej” is Märkisches Walzwerk G.m.b.H., Strausberg Bez. Potsdam, Germany.

Yes, for the GrB 41 ( GranatenBusche 41) which was a conversion of the Anti-Tank rifle PzB38 ( barrel shortened, Discharge cup fitted, etc.).

Fired the standard A/T and AP grenades used by the normal Rifleman, as well as heavier grenades made specifically for the GrB.

Doc AV

Doc, which heavier ones?

Is eej uncommon for this round?
I have only seed P or aux headstamped rounds prior to this one.

Dear EOD, I seem to remember some photos (action, late 1944) of GrB’s with large"shaped charge" grenades for AT use ( Eastern front)…but I may be confusing the memories.
Maybe someone else has the correct necessary info.

Doc, it was likely the “große Gewehr-Panzergranate”:
lonesentry.com/manuals/germa … titank.jpg

As far as we can say today there were no limitations or restirctions of these to one weapon. Means they were to be used with all launchers including the regular ones for the K98k etc.

Bob, congratulations, you have found a rare headstamp variation of the “Treibpatrone 318 für große Gewehr-Panzegranate”. The earliest headstamp by this maker found in this caliber use the code P315 and there is also a rare eej 41 (at 12 and 6 o’clock). There are also rounds by asr (HAK), va (Kabel) and wg (HASAG) (asb by DWM BB is also reported but I’m not sure if it does exist).