7.92 x 94 PzB bullet types

What bullet types was the German 7.92 x 94 PzB round loaded with?

Thanks for any info.

Here is a great photo from the museum in Germany (Armin Bickel), posted in the forum a while back. Not sure on the exact designations, but they are mostly obvious:


maybe you will find some interesting things here:



Were the same colour codes that were used on 7.92x57 used for this round?

On September 16th, 1940 the following cartridges for Panzerbüchse
were adopted according to a document in Militärarchiv Freiburg:

"Patrone 318"
black bullet tip (for tracer); red primer annulus (for AP)
The bullet was called: S.m.K (H) Rs. L’Spur, Kal. 7.9 mm
SmK (H) stands for Spitzgeschoss mit Kern, the H showing the
presence of a tungsten carbide core instead of steel
Rs is for Reizstoff (tear gas; as far as I know “O-Salz” alias CN)
L’Spur is Leuchtspur (Tracer)

"Patrone 318 Üb."
Üb is Übung, meaning training
ordinary sS bullet without markings due to "no penetration capability
required during training"
green primer annulus

"Anschusspatrone 318"
Anschuss is the sighting in process. Anschuss ammunition
is selected for low dispersion [and deviation of the MPI
from a reference lot not exceeding certain limits. I wish
I knew this limit for this or the ordinary 7.9 mm.]
ordinary sS bullet without markings
5 mm wide green strip across case head including primer

"Beschusspatrone 318"
Beschuss is high pressure test
ordinary sS bullet, with a 10 mm green tip
green primer annulus

"Platzpatrone 318"
blank with ordinary wooden bullet of Platzpatrone 33
danger space 25 m

"Exerzierpatrone 318"
dummy of black plastic with steel base

"Werkzeugpatrone 318"
tool dummy for armorers (Waffenmeister), entrely chromed
case has 2 pairs of 3 mm holes drilled at a distance of
14.5 and 23 mm from the base and offset by 90 degrees.

When the Panzerbüchse became obsolete due to lack of effectiveness
a number of them was equipped with the launcher for rifle grenades
on a shortened barrel and was renamed “Granatbüchse 39”.
For these, a Treibpatrone must have existed
that presumably had a wooden bullet like Platzpatrone 318. But I do
not know any details about it.

Great info.

This one is pictured on the municion.org site. It says it is a tropical load. It makes sense as these are identified on another site as the same markings that were used for S.m.K-Trop rounds in 7.92x57 calibre.

JPeeln–The cartridge shown in the picture on the far left is the cartridge for the grenade launcher. Here are some details. I have a picture of the box someplace. I’ll post it if I can find it.


HEADSTAMP: aux Waa364 42 14f
BULLET: Round nose short natural wood
CASE: Brass

Here are the pictures I promised.

Ron, the “Treiber” in the showed box have steel cases.


Dutch–I have one of the 5 rounds that were in that box, and unless they are Brass Washed Steel, it looks like Brass. I can’t find my round right now to check it with a magnet.


These should be laquered steel cases.

Only one round left. :)

Is it possible to expand on this topic and submit box label variations please, here is mine…

Love the Grenade Launching Box!



Does anyone have an example of: “Exerzierpatrone 318” dummy of black plastic with steel base ?

I have a black plastic example but it is very different than the red plastic examples at Woodin Lab - Bill and I think it is of much later production (possibly East German?) OR, it’s a fake of some sort. We would like something to compare it against. I will post an image when I can find it… also will try and scan the x-rays.


As most of the left AT rifles were converted to grenade launching rifles already before 1945 (as they were ineffective by then) I seriously doubt an East German production.

I know, we’re kinda stumped. It’s a nice looking piece with a more rounded almost blunt nose profile (it might have been damaged). If it’s a fake someone spend a bunch of time playing with it. It does have markings on it suggesting it’s been turned in a lathe. Who knows?
Top image is the item in question. Next is an x-ray (sorry, different scale) showing that almost the whole interior is the steel post that the plastic is injected around (notice that the post appears to be not exactly centered). The last is a positive x-ray from Woodin Lab of 3 red plastic examples (aux 41 & aux 42) showing the much smaller center post with rings cut into it to grip the plastic. Sorry, don’t have an image of a red plastic example for a comparison.

This black dummy seems to me, as has been turned down from an east german 12,7x108 black plastic dummy…
EOD would may find a picture of a cut from an original 12,7x108 East german dummy and than we may can compare…


Forensic, you are absolutely correct. This is a fake made of a 12.7x108 GDR dummy. Here how it looked before it’s life as a “Exerzierpatrone 318”:

The excentric position of the rod in that fake is a nother sign of it being a fake as fastening a conical shaped item in a lathe is a special issue and if not done properly the result looks exactly like in the x-ray. Means lots of time spent on that one but it was no real specialist who did this.