7.92 x 94 Question


What is the purpose of the red primer seal on this round? Was it just an early identifying feature? It is an otherwise typical round with a faded black tip.


Red was the original (7,9) SmK AP of the First World War, and carried over to WW II for AP; the fact that the 7,9x94 also had a Lacrymatory pellet in the base ( Tear-Gas) may be the reason for the Black tip and Black ring around the Red-primer cup colour.

Maybe one of the german manuals will clarify this.

Doc AV


Paul do you have a pict of the bullet and complete cartridge



Thanks Doc.

Harrie - here is a picture side on.


Hier some datas about :

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Unless I missed something in the above posts, I think the all red primer indicates a Tungsten Carbide penetrator and the black tip a bright tracer. The half red/yellow label is red for T/C & yellow for tear gas. Others here will know for sure. JH