7.92mm identification


Can anyone help identify this 7.92x57mm round? Headstamp looks like NI or N1.

Thanks in advance


The cartridge is Norwegian, the N is probably NORMA. The Norwegian loading factory Norma started in Norway and made a daughter factory in Sweden later on. Norma did not produce brass cases in Norway , they only load the ammunition. So the case is most probably made at Raufoss Ammunisjonsfabrikk or from the Belgium factory FN . Production probably 1938-1940.



Do you know if it was produced for use by Norway or Sweden, and any info on types of projectile?

Many thanks


I can’t say who these rounds were made for, but I can tell you that the headstamp “N 3” is also known. No “N2” has been reported and I don’t know for sure what the “I” and the “3” signify.



Many thanks, every bit of information is welcome, it’s actually not in my collection, but a friend sent me the photo, and I’ve had a trawl through the previous posts and couldn’t see any mention of this headstamp previously.

thanks again


I can’t add any information but I can show the different bullet types that I have.


The “N I” is also known with pink tips as tracers if I recall right.



More information I can`t give you.
I know there some different types like the one that EOD mention.
I had the one with pink tip in my collection. ( cupronickel bullet)



Thank you all for the pictures and information.