7.92mm mauser inert odd


I saw these on an auction site. All 4 are joined and no way to seperate so not used as a dummy or for action testing… Anyone know what these may have been used for?


I think they were for an MG belt starter, probably the MG34 or 42.


Ok that makes sense…It said dummy for MG15 drum…is all it said (in French). Never thought of s belt starter. Thanks


No belt starter here. It is the feeding piece in an MG15 drum as it has to follow the feeding path around the corner.

This was discussed before already:


Similar "False Cartridges " are to be found in 100 round Bren Pans, in 7,7SR T89 Pans, in DP, DT and DA 7,62x54R Pans. and Vickers K pans.They ensure that all Live cartridges are fed into the gun.

Doc AV