7.92mm panser patroner M.45.E


Soren (mausernut) mentioned in another thread “…like the 7,92x57 Torben just put on Arma-Dania”. I had never been to that site so I did a search and found it. Interesting material contained there!!

vaabenhistoriskselskab.dk/ar … r_list.php

I have a box with a designation not included in the listing. It is a 20 round box with the printed designation “7.92mm panser patroner M.45.E”. The box contains British 7.92mm BESA WIIZ armor piercing rounds with WWII dates.

I thought I would share this with our Danish Friends who may or may not have seen such a box before.


Ah, more illustrations for Arma-Dania ;-)


Phil, even the non Danish friends here do appreciate the image, thanks!


Hi I have sent a PB to pbutler for permission to use the images on our website


Torben or Soren

I don’t know how to post to the Arma-Dania website so I will ask my questions here. It is cartridge related so it should be allowable.

  1. How was the Panserpatron M/45T m/ Lysspor (German S.m.K. L’spur) packaged?
  2. Was it still in the German 15-round boxes?
  3. Was there a special Danish label made up for this ammunition?


I do not know how Panserpatron M/45T was packed, possibly in the original German packaging


Original packing or something like this: